Clarico-3 Columns Style 2

american ipa

Made with hops originating in the United States, whose main quality is the ability to produce highly aromatic beers.

On the nose, it has floral and pine touches and a refreshing taste of citrus and tropical fruits (grapefruit, passion fruit ...) and with a slight spicy touch.

White, fine and fluffy head, moderate bitterness.

Alcohol: 6% Vol.
Bitterness: 69 IBU's.
Color: 21 EBC.

Amargor: 69 IBU's.

Colour: 16 EBC.

Clarico-3 Columns Style 2

red ale

Made following the canons of the purest Irish style, Red Ale is made with the ingredients traditionally used.

Its name defines its color, and its aroma is soft, of toasted malts and caramel. Flavor with light notes of liquorice, chocolate or coffee.

Bronze-colored, fine and spongy head with low bitterness.

Alcohol: 5,6% Vol.

Bitterness: 22 IBU's.

Color: 25 EBC.

Clarico-3 Columns Style 2

golden ale

Light golden in color, and with a slightly fruity and dry flavor, it is very easy to drink.

The brewers of Cologne in Germany, where the style originates from, define it as an aperitif beer.

White, fine and fluffy head with a low bitterness.

Alcohol: 4,8% Vol.

Bitterness: 21 IBU's.

Colour: 8 EBC. 

Clarico-3 Columns Style 2

black garlic

Robust Porter style black beer (Sweet Stout).

In the traditional style, popular with English longshoremen in the 18th and 19th centuries, we came up with adding Black Garlic. Exotic ingredient that provides an intense roasted flavor, with hints of licorice and prunes.

Creamy, fine and fluffy head and low bitterness.

Alcohol: 5,8% Vol.

Bitterness: 30 IBU's.

Colour: 76 EBC.